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how to Lenovo Laptops - Restore factory settings

Lenovo Laptops - Restore factory settings


Before restoring factory settings on a Lenovo laptop,take a backup of all data and restart the system. There is no separate recovery disk shipped with Lenovo laptops; it is possible to restore the default configuration for Lenovo laptops through the BIOS settings menu. There is an option to restore the Lenovo Factory Image in the menu that will restore factory settings for the laptop. Once the system restoration starts, the drive will get formatted and the system software will be restored to factory condition. Once it is done, the laptop has to be restarted and other hardware device drivers or anti-virus software have to be installed manually.

Here are the main steps to restore your Lenovo laptop to its factory settings. Depending on the model you own, the the procedure may vary slightly.

Restore the computer to the default factory configuration
When you restore the computer to the default factory configuration, all data on the C drive is deleted. Before performing this procedure, back up any personal files. If you do not back up these files, the data will be lost.

· 1. Restart the computer

· To do this, click Start, click the arrow next to the Lock button, and then click Restart.

· 2. As the computer restarts, press the F8 key until the Advanced Boot Options menu appears on the screen.

For More Information Call Lenovo Support: +1-855-517-2433


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  2. This didn't work. There was no option to with Factory image restore. Only images of backups (which I have none). Please update your information if not all Lenovo laptops have this option.

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